What's the payment method?
Healthyoume can accept the following payment methods: PayPal or Credit Card
You can get the detailed information in your order when you place it through our website. 

How to make a payment via Paypal?
Paying through Paypal is easy. If you have a VISA or MASTERCARD, you can pay us directly through our online verification.

  • if you have a paypal account:

           just login your paypal and pay the order.


  • if you don't  have a paypal account:

           You will be required to register as a user with Paypal to begin transactions with us. This is free and is very easy to do.
Just go to www.paypal.com to open the Paypal site and then follow instructions below.
after you register from paypal, you then you have a paypal account. you can login and pay  the order by paypal.

How to make a payment for my order via credit card?
just enter your crdit card info, such as card number , holder name, expire date and cvv. 

Guaranteed safe and secure checkout of your payment!




From MONDAY to FRIDAY(5 Times Per Week)(excluding weekends and holidays)
Large orders may take a little more time to proceed. But, Every orders shipped within 4 working days at most. 


there are two shipping options for choosing, Standard shipping & express shipping.

  • Standard shipping: ship by airmail at post office. Low shipping cost, but take longer shipping time . 
  • Express shipping : ship randomly by DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, EMS etc.. Higher shipping cost, but get the package soon.


We need 1-3 business days to ship your order

Standard shipping: 12-35 working days usually. 

Faster Shipping: 7-17 WORKING days usually.

Express shipping : 3-9 WORKING days usually.

If you don't receive within 55 days, please contact us.

Tracking Website: http://www.17track.net/index_en.shtml   (Standard shipping & Express shipping)